You maybe a religious zealot if…

We all know at least one. Bible beaters holier than thou and so godly that you almost want to touch the hem of their garment to see if that ache in your knee will miraculously disappear. Saved, sanctified and water baptised are they to the point that at times logic is thrown out the window as the spirits, voices and everything spiritual takes precedence over what they can actually see, hear and touch. It makes life living among these people challenging to say the least

Why men like women with long hair

Back in the days of old, women were taught that their crowning glory were their tresses, preferably the flowing kind which disqualifies most people of African descent but that has not stopped them from trying wigs, weave, clip on, braids, extensions, sew-ins to mention a few options. Indeed, the business of hair is big in this small island of ours and while some may scoff and deem it frivolous indulgence, you cannot overlook the fact that it is a billion dollar industry. Whether you want Peruvian or Brazilian, straight or kinky, hair is here to stay.

Sex in the dark: risky, routine or romantic?

The saying ‘anything done in darkness must come to light’ can be interpreted in several different ways and when it comes to the ‘hokey pokey’, darkness can be both a huge turn for some as well as serious mood killer for others. So what is it about the dark that can bring out the freaks and in the same setting, make other draws for their flash light and magnifying glass?