Wonders & Signs!!!

Recently someone came up with the clever phrase ‘Jamaica is not a real place’ and at first it made me raise my eyebrow but then upon reflection I get the message it is sending: things in Jamaica are sometimes way stranger than fiction. Case in point – the new 17 million dollar sign out by Montego Bay round-a-bout. Now in all things common sense, why does a sign cost that much money?! What in the beans and burritos happened in that calculation to run it up to that amount? Is there gold dust mixed into the cement?! Enquiring minds definitely want to know.

Ways to Give Back this Christmas

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas with lights, trimmings, decorations, Santa hats, trees, carols, shopping and of course ham, cake and sorrel to complete the yuletide festivities. With tonnes of parties, dinners and family gatherings to attend, our schedule during the season is usually full but for a few dedicated souls, the reason behind the season has not been forgotten.  When we remove the commercialized part of it, Christmas is supposed to be about giving and for some individuals, that remains what it truly is about.

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