Funny ways Jamaicans ask for money

Begging. Unfortunately for some it has become the national pass time. Requesting money is just a nice way of saying that you are begging and while some people legitimately have fallen on hard times or may need financial assistance, it has become the norm and a part of our culture to want something for doing absolutely nothing. Remittance has long been the main medium through which money flows into this island and with the corona virus causing an even more severe economic hardship on a lot more people, remittances has increased significantly in recent months.

If men are dogs, are women dog lovers?

No one is perfect and so when it comes to bad behaviour neither gender is without sin yet still men get pelted with more stones as they are said to be dogs and do doggish things like cheat, be disrespectful, inconsiderate, or worse are abusers or dead beat dads. Yup their reputations have preceded them in some instances but if men are such dogs why do women bother with them?

What to expect when you are with a ‘bruk man’

Dobby Dobson got a lot of flack for his hit song ‘Loving Pauper’ back in the day but honesty counts for a lot in a relationship. A man who has nothing and tells his girl that he has nothing and expects her to stay with him, is not only an honest man but very brave in an epoch when women are known for being materialistic and cynical. A broke man who is either unemployed or under employed has to get creative when finding ways to make his significant other feel special.