Wonders & Signs!!!

Recently someone came up with the clever phrase ‘Jamaica is not a real place’ and at first it made me raise my eyebrow but then upon reflection I get the message it is sending: things in Jamaica are sometimes way stranger than fiction. Case in point – the new 17 million dollar sign out by Montego Bay round-a-bout. Now in all things common sense, why does a sign cost that much money?! What in the beans and burritos happened in that calculation to run it up to that amount? Is there gold dust mixed into the cement?! Enquiring minds definitely want to know.

‘Sugar Daddy’ – an honest view of everyday sexual reality

What do you get when you combine nudity and language that would make the pope blush and hide his face in his papal skirt? ‘Sugar Daddy’.  Written and directed by Playwright David Tulloch who himself had a wicked ‘sex’ scene par excellence, this is not for the faint of heart or flip flopping Christians.

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