Things that we women do that men don’t like

 Though I write from my own, very female perspective, I am not out of touch with men and their reality as I honestly believe I was a man in my former life (if such things exists) plus I’m always surrounded by male company and ‘parring’ with guys as usually they don’t have an agenda. Continue reading…

Dating and single parenthood

Dating today is like running through a field of landmines and getting to the other side safely. It like the ‘hunger games’ on steroids of possible relationship scenarios that can go wrong. You just don’t know what you gonna get: someone whose possessive, psycho, a cheater, a bum, a mamma’s boy, a bad boy or the rarest of gem… a decent guy. Good guys are out there but they are even harder to find than that Malaysian airline that disappeared into thin air! Continue reading…

Things that are (sometimes) better than sex!

Yeah yeah! I know I’m gonna cop a lot of flack for saying this but at times don’t you honestly feel that some things are better than sex? Assuming of course that you know what really good, mind blowing intercourse is.

Some activities may not burn as much calories as quickly, or leave you with a smile on your face, or make your skin glow or release those happy endorphins but on some level can be just as if not more satisfying without all the sweat and hair messing.

Cheesecake! I’m not talking the cheap, readi–mix stuff. I’m talking the melt in your mouth quality that makes you close your eyes and moan out loud when it hit the right part of your palate that makes your tongue do the ‘running man’ in your mouth.

whose next?

A games nite with friends. Sometimes I don’t think we value friendship enough but a games night with people who know you like the back of their hands, who will putting up with your complaining, whining, belching self and have absolutely no judgement, is priceless

A massage. I know I don’t need to say much more. Whether it’s a deep tissue back massage or a foot massage at the end of a gruelling work day, nothing feels quite like it.

A dish of salt mackerel rundown with green bananas, yellow yam and mix flour dumpling! Yes there is a reoccurring theme of food going on, but what can I say, food makes me happy.

one scoop is not enough

A good book. Unless you are an avid reader like myself, you will never appreciate just how wonderful it is to get lost in a mystery, adventure, auto biography or an historical romance. Reading is my passion. If I could I would sit all day reading as it opens your mind to new ideas and lifestyles.

An ice cold glass of lemonade. The kind that have real lime juice that you squeeze plus brown sugar, not the bleached, granulated nasty stuff! Pon a hot day or at the end of a long work week when you pour that, you’re sipping on heaven.

A cold Julie or East Indian Mango. It kinda no matter if it’s room temperature or cold, just that me prefer dem cold. Feel smoother going down. hehehe

mmmmmmmmm just enjoy

A girls’ nite out. If baby sitting is not an issue, your pocket is lined with cash, your outfit is popping, your make-up flawless and de company good, you know that we will be making more good memories to last another lifetime.

A complete spa day. Soft, plush robes, cozy slippers, cucumbers on the eyes, relaxing facials, manicure, pedicure, herbal teas, aromatic candles and someone cater to your every need. Yep, sign me up!

Stewed peas with pigs tail. Yes, we back on food, as while I don’t live to eat, it sure makes life more interesting…not to mention flavourful.

reading is fun-damental

Ice cream! Whatever your favourite flavour! A good scoop of ice cream is like a mini orgasm in your mouth (wait…that don’t sound right- oh well)

thirst quenching

A drive out to the country. What can be better than fresh country air, scenic views and friendly rural folk who just want to show you some Jamaican warm hospitality. Me definitely deh pond at train!