When on a man hunt, what are your deal breakers?

Your best friend convinced you that meeting a man at church or at the work place is so last century so she hooked you up with a dating app and you started swiping left and right as you scroll through the endless possibilities of man meat. Suddenly you realise that you are even pickier today than you were when you started dating in your late teens but what exactly should be your deal breakers when seeking a partner?

What makes ‘bad words’ bad?

Recently dancehall queen Spice made a plea to the Government Jamaica to look into the possibility of de-criminalising ‘bad words’ or what we call obscenities as she said it is foolish to lock people up for the very same thing that makes us so unique and sort after worldwide. Her argument is that our language including the so called profanities is a part of our cultural identity and as such should be celebrated and not vilified as something bad or derogatory.