Is it ever ok to date your friend’s ex?

Check this out: in 2015 you stopped dating Tyrone because he could not control the one eyed snake that was slithering around in his trousers. So after a year and a string of broken promises, you called it quits and gathered your best friend and a tub of ice cream to bawl, commiserate and watch lifetime movies together as you both cuss out every male for being a furry four legged creature that pees on fire hydrate and shagged every available woman as if marking their territory.

You’re not a real Jamaican if….

There is nothing like an ice cold jelly, the tangy taste of tamarind ball or a bowl full of black mangoes as we settle into one of those plastic settees to watch another round of ‘School Challenge Quiz’ or a episode of ‘Hilly and Gully Ride’. Some things evoke those nostalgic feelings that allow us to reconnect with our culture in ways that remind us of how inspite of our many challenges ‘the land is green and the sun still shineth”.