Are more young men settling down or just settling?

They are all under thirty and all married. Two are Christians and one claims to be a reformed player who hung up his shoes when he found the right woman. All of these men are in relationships that are less than four years and admit that while they are generally happy, they do sometimes miss the excitement of ‘doing road’. They are nowhere near the seven year itch however being this young one wonders if they were actually prepared for the monotony of domesticity; if being married is all that it promised to be and if in hindsight they felt they should have waited a few more years before settling down.

How to run duppies

Do not laugh, especially since old time people believe that if you laugh out loud after 11 pm, duppy can steal your voice. Just chuckle softly and consider your options when it comes to get that monkey…or duppy off your back. If you grew up in the country or with your grandmother you must have heard tales of duppy haunting persons for whatever reasons and as Jamaicans we can find ingenious ways and means to getting they to disappear poof like Casper the friendly ghost, even if they were not exactly friendly. So let us discuss a few methods.