Indian Psychics in Jamaica – a treat or a threat?

Many Jamaicans are very proud our distinction for having the most churches per square mile as we embrace our spirituality and all that it entails but alas in recent years there has been another aspect of our spirituality that have some seeking answer from a ‘higher power’. Over the last five years our island has been overrun by a plethora of Indian psychics and astrologers who claim that they can resolve any problems from marriage, immigration, delinquent teens, health, fertility and even the age old issue of bad mind.

Would you date a mamma’s boy?

It is said to be every independent woman’s worse nightmare: the curse of the mamma boy. That male for whom the opinions and views of his mother mean more than any logical or rational argument you can throw at him.  Her hold is so tight that not even a new tin of WD40 can loosen it because she still cooks, cleans, comforts and consoles him in a way no other female is allowed to.