When sex caa save a relationship

  • Monday, August 25th, 2014

Red flags, rumours and things that don’t add up are just a few ways we can tell that our relationships may be in trouble. Some of us like to ignore the obvious and continue to play Suzie Homemaker and make believe that all its well on the home front as we are more interested in the fairy tale of a relationship than the reality of a real one. If we don’t fix small issues they won’t stay small for very long.

Sometimes we tend to gloss over problems that disturb or annoy us and believe that once we have both horizontal, we can be happy. I am here to dispel that myth as not even sex can cure the disease of a busted relationship. If it is limping along, ain’t nothing you do in the bedroom (or on the kitchen counter) can fix that.

The following are few of the ways that sex don’t help and can actual hinder your overall progress. Wake up to the reality of your situation and get professional help.

When you having it by yourself. Yep when you’re going ‘hans solo’ it is never a good sign.


When it’s virtual or cybersex. When the computer gets more face time than your partner that is just scary.

When you’re incompatible sexually. This is most frequent than you think as plenty of time we stay in a relationship even when physically we are not satisfied just to save face.

When the ‘package won’t fit in the box’. I don’t have to spell that one out for you do I?

When only one person is interested in making it work. That the kicker, your partner has to want it just as badly as you do.

When it’s not with your partner but someone else’s! Yep, if you’re in the wrong bed you may wanna consider that something is really wrong in your relationship.

When it’s just badddddd. And I mean badddddd. Continuous bad sex is like breaking a mirror – 7 years bad luck and then some!