How would you spend the last 24 hours of your life?

  • Saturday, August 30th, 2014

So what if you went to your doctor for a check up and he came back in the room looking all grave and serious and turned to you and said “Miss/Mr so and so, I’m sorry to inform you but you have only a day to live!”

How would you react? Would you be so stunned that you’d be silent; start crying hysterically or get angry and bitch slap the doctor? Truth is we DON’T know how we would receive such life altering news because we have never been in that situation so we can’t truly say. We can surmise all types of scenarios but we really don’t know, do we?
Our reaction is one thing, what we do after that is another. Just how would this information affect us? What would you do immediately and how would you spend the last day of your life?

Though it may sound crazy and overwhelming many would jump at the chance to be forewarned as they would be better able to cram what they want to do, see who they wanna see etc into those precious hours.

For me I wouldn’t want to sleep at all. As the proverbial cryptic saying goes ‘I can sleep when I’m dead’, so I would be on the go. I ideally would love to travel to somewhere exotic like Kenya and go on a safari or visit Thailand or Bali and see the monkeys and temples or maybe Japan or go see the Great Wall of China. But then again I don’t wanna be stuck in an airplane for a good part of that 24 hours so maybe travelling would have to be scratched off my bucket list. If not travelling I would love to sky dive as I love to make noise and I’m a bit of an adventure junkie, so sky diving, bungee jumping on being on a giant roller coaster would be great.

I would write letters to all the people I love to let them know that I don’t want them to be sad as I will still be around kicking them and arguing when they mess up as that would be my number one job on the other side.
For anyone that I have wronged unknowingly I would send that out too into the universe and I would try to at least make peace with those that I dislike or can’t get along with like the father of my child. Only something like that scenario would mean that I would have to exchange words with that man.Grrrrrrrrrr

I would like a final big ass meal with everything I love ice cream, chocolates kisses, kit kat, pepperoni pizza, red velvet cake, shrimp, grapes, jackfruit, naseberry, ice box cake, 7-Up black forest cake, mocha cheese cake, stew peas with pig tea, mackerel rundown, fried chicken wings etc. yea its all unhealthy but it’s not like I’m gonna be gaining any more weight so it don’t really matter what I eat!

family...thats what matters
I wanna sit down and look at all the faces of the people I love one last time. Knowing me I may start crying but that’s ok, tears are sometimes a good thing as they are cleansing and spiritual and a way of releasing what we have pent up inside.

I wanna spend the last hour with my husband, mother and my child. I would give my husband my blessings to remarry …as long as it’s not to one of my friends! Bun dat. To my mother I would apologise to her for every gray hair I gave her and I just wanna just rock my baby in my arms and tell her that I will always be with her and I still expect cute grand babies even though I won’t be able to bounce them on my knees. I still will be looking after them and be their guardian angels. She will know that every time they smile or giggle, grandma was touching their feet.

Yea, the last 24 hours would be so jam packed and hectic that I definitely would need to rest after that. In fact rest doesn’t sound so bad, does it? By the way, just how would you spend the last 24 hours of your life?