Things you shouldn’t tell your friends about your relationship

  • Friday, September 19th, 2014

The saying “good friends better than pocket money” is true on so many levels, as throughout the course of our lives, many of us have been blessed with friends who are there for us in an emergency, when we are at our lowest, at the major milestones in our lives like the birth of a child; our engagement; marriage and even the death of a loved one. Yes friends can sometimes be of more help than actually family, as these are the people that CHOOSE to be around us, without biological ties or obligations and when you are broke and distressed this is when you know who your TRUE friends really are. However with all that they do for us and help us through, when it comes to our intimate man-woman relationships, there are just some things that are best jotted down in a journal or diary. If the problem is bigger than us or weighing on our mind then it’s best to seek a professional counsellor who doesn’t have a stake in the matter as then you get unbiased, non-judgemental advice.

Let’s face it, a nuh everything you fi tell friends as sometimes friendships end, and they don’t always end amicably and when that happens all of your business goes on social media. Who needs that kind of embarrassment?! Unless you are absolutely sure about the person you are investing and trusting in, keep your business to yourself. An easy litmus test to use: if it is someone you just met who quickly seem to want to be all up in your ackee, nuh tell dem nutten! If you don’t know enough about them or their background, be wary. Be very wary.

While you can’t put a price tag on friendship, unless you’re absolutely certain that the person who you share your thoughts and issues with is genuine, keep them close to your chest. If it gives you a little heart burn, then just rub a little Vicks Vapour rub on the area ‘til it goes away.

There is such a thing as ‘Friendship TMI’ and sometimes we share too much with others. Please leave some mystery to your relationship for Pete’s sake! You’re not obligated to tell the world everything! The follow represent a few of the things you should keep to yourself as sharing them maybe so easy to do but can ultimately come back to haunt you in the long term.

That your partner doesn’t like most of your friends. It may very well be true but why tell them that! Whether the reasons are valid or seem superficial, your friends don’t need to know that he/she wishes that they don’t come around the house as much. Just schedule your time so that except for your birthday party and major events etc, they don’t have spend a lot of time together.

When you and your partner having problems/issues. Telling your best friend that your man doesn’t like to wash dishes is ok….telling her that he leaves skid marks in his drawer is not. She will never have him over in case he wants to use her bathroom…or sit on her white chairs. Just saying.

How big his penis is or how perky her breasts are. TMI guys! Are we like 12 again and boasting about marbles or dolls. Itt is childish and immature to be sending out this information and don’t be shocked if one of the recipient wants to come over when you’re gone to work to ‘see and measure ’ for her/himself!

What bedroom tricks you use to keep him interested and happy. You might think you’re being help supplying her with tips for her to go practice, but be care she don’t wanna ‘practice’ on your man!

That he/she has a little crush of them. Don’t be planting any bug in their eye to either make them uncomfortable in their presence or do the opposite and start flirting.

That he likes porn. Seriously in a society that is as critical as ours it makes him sound like an addict.

If either you or him/her have cheated in the relationship. Why you feel you need to share all of that doah ehh? If you waa clear you conscience, go see your priest if you’re Catholic. If you’re not, well then write a letter, tuck it in a bottle and go throw it eena the ocean outta Hellshire.

If you are having doubts that this is the person you wanna spend your ‘forever after’ with. Everybody has a little bit of doubt as no partner is perfect (hell, neither are you for that matter!) but if you say this to a ‘friend’ who put it on Facebook or run back and tell your partner, expect World War III!

If your partner has a major criminal history. I’m not talking traffic ticket or child support issue here. I’m talking major crimes as in robbery etc. If you tell your friends, I guarantee if money goes missing at a party or gathering at someone’s house, they will all start giving him the ‘stink eye’.