Sayings/beliefs that make no sense!

  • Sunday, September 21st, 2014

We nuh haffi grow wid we granny (like I did) to have heard certain things as children that would totally baffle us at times. Even when we sat quietly and analysed them, they actually made not a drop of sense!

As much as we tote education and push the reading of books, research and the dissemination of information through the internet, schools, lectures etc, we are still largely a nation of ignorant people. Ignorance in the sense that we are ‘dark’ and revel in superstitions and old wife’s tales that unfortunately govern our lives and at times dictate its course of action.

The following represent just a few of the beliefs that were commonplace ‘back in day’ that we still hear occasionally and that some people actually still swear by.

Women have no sense after 6pm. Which chauvinist ass came up with that great pearl of wisdom?! smh

Children must be seen and not heard. This was a common one back in my childhood. Basically you should creep silently about the house, especially when company came over. If you think you bad, start mek a ruckus and you will knew which God you serve!

The ratio is ten women to every man so women haffi share. Obviously this fallacy was created and spread by some insecure male who needed an excuse fi spread himself bout the place like spoil cream cheese!

If you bathe soon after the birth of a baby or stay outside, you will ketch ‘baby cold’. I actually believed this…until I had my own child and was ordered the next morning to rise and shine and hit the shower. You can just imagine how my mouth hung open!

Pickney can hold/tie man down. Rubbish! Nutten at all caa hold a wutliss man running from responsibility!

Don’t sweep at night. What is the rationale behind this? Beats me!!

When you come in late at night, back into your home. Dem sey duppy love travel een with people a night time and will follow you into your house so when you coming in well past midnight, you should drive around a bit (to confuse them) and then enter the premises backways.

Two pregnant women nuffi walk together. Me sey! Some things I hear surrounding pregnancy nuh stop yah so. This is just one of the crazier ones as it is believed that when two pregnant women travel together, the one that has baby last will have a very painful and difficult delivery.

When throwing out water at night, clear your throat and say excuse me. I won’t lie, I do this ‘cuz I grew up seeing my granny do this and unconsciously followed suit. As an adult I tried stopping as it drove my husband crazy but I still find myself doing it on ocassion!

Now people, I didn’t make up none of these. So me get it so me sell it!