Ten reasons why I’m afraid of Christian men

  • Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Now this particular article is meant as light hearted fun and if you take me serious, then you are exactly the reason why my butt cannot be in a church, as too often I find that Christians generally don’t have a sense of humour and I don’t know which one is worse, the men or the women.

I my opinion Christian men have all these rules and regulations governing the conduct of their women and what she can do and what roles she can fill, but they also generally believe that humility, responsibility and at times, morality doesn’t apply to them.Well I have news for them.

If you say that a man is the head of the household then you better be a capable leader as many of you have fallen short and are seriously lacking. Having a penis don’t make you a man as hermaphrodite have those ‘jewels’ too!

Plenty want to have their cake and eat it too. Well I am here to say enough of it. You had better stop picking out pieces of the Bible that suit you and just be the comfort and support your women need and stop puffing up your chest like the damn ‘chicken gunman’ fowl that has been running rampant bout the place.

Anyways, just read and have a laugh!

Me fraid a Christian man because…..

> Dem ever deh a woman yard all hours a de night a have ‘bible study’

>Dem ever a carry home church sister wey live far after choir practice

>When dem nuh answer dem fone, you hear sey dem was praying

>The ‘laying on of hands’ only applies to female congregants ….under the age of 40!

>Dem only seem to give relationship advice to women

>They love to tell you that the man is the head of the household yet still plenty nah bring een a paycheck.

>They say they are busy doing the lord’s work…. so the Lord never create nuh work inside a dem owna home?!

>When they speak in tongues it kinda sounds like a coded message to a particular church sister!

>Them go church fi youth ministry, prayer meeting, elders meeting, men’s fellowship as well as regular church. So when do they   have time fi ‘home meeting’?

>Every time you have an argument, him run go fi de Bible as if it is some weapon of mass destruction!