Turning 40: Lessons it has taught me

  • Sunday, October 19th, 2014

So my birthday was in August and I just wanna share some thoughts or pearls of wisdom as I chart a new course in this new decade.

They say life begins at forty which I can never really understand as what does that really means? That all those years before you were a foetus? You nane a live before? Was I hibernating throughout the previous decades. Smaddy explain it to me please.

So anyways, below are some lessons I have learnt along life’s journey so far. They are really not any great revelation and many younger persons have already grasped the basic concepts to happiness but these are the ones I choose to write down so bear with me folks.

When I have to pee, just go! Yep don’t hold it, don’t laugh and especially don’t sneeze! Dem muscles been working overtime for far too many years.

To look in the mirror and just love and embrace my flaws. As a mother I have stretch marks. After years of telling my daughter off because of it, I have finally come to realise that they are my tribal marks from motherhood so I should just love them and leave them alone.

Wake and thank God for another day. Yep, the joints ache sometimes but many have gone on before me so I’m thankful for each additional day God has blessed me with.

Even when broke, just be happy you are in a better place than others. I try not to get despondent about not winning the lotto and buying my own private island. Many have no food, career or even a proper structure over their head so I am ahead of the game.

Say what’s on your mind even if some people don’t like it. Like my 92 year old grandmother I no longer care who likes me or like what I have to say because I’m gonna share my opinion whether you like it or no. Zeen

Don’t hang around people who are negative. I think I’m naturally allergic to negative people. They drive me bat shit crazy!

Laugh more and laugh hard. I love to laugh. Love a good joke and love to crack a good joke. If you are always grumpy or can’t find humour in anything then it sucks to be you don’t it?

Do what excites you. Yep, whether it’s going on a roller coaster or finger painting with your children or taking in a movie with friends, just do it.

Even if an idea seems crazy or unpopular to others, follow it. Nuh mek people and their in-built fears stop you from doing what you are driven to.

Cherish the friends you have. Good friends better than pocket money so always find time fi link up and have a meal, share a joke and a story together.

Take care of your elders, they won’t always be around. Learn as much from them as you possibly can. Currently I’m trying to chronicle my grandmother’s early life and it’s a real eye opener.

Stay away from stuck up, pretentious or hypocritical people. You done know me and dem deh people nah go get along anyways. Later fi dem!

When something seems hard, go at it harder. Don’t give up. Your breakthrough can be right around the corner.

Be a friend even when you think the person is making a mistake. It’s not our place to judge. Just say your piece and then be there as their rock and support.

Love with your entire being. Don’t worry about if you don’t get 100% back. Give what you can as much as you can as that’s the only way to love completely.

Tell your children you love them as often as you can. You can never do this enough as they grow up so fast and pretty soon all that remains are the memories and pictures when they go off and live their own lives. Kiss them often, read them a bed time story and listen to every crazy story about school life and who annoys them and which teacher sucks. Those memories will be priceless one day.