Why you should avoid ‘unique looking’ (UGLY) men

  • Monday, December 1st, 2014

So if you haven’t had any luck in the dating world, you may have resorted to online dating or having a friend set you up with one of his or her friends. Now blind dates are hard enough and meeting someone for the first time will make you nervous as we all want to put our best foot forward as first impressions do count.

But what happens when your first impression and indeed every other one after that is shot to hell as you find yourself dating an ugly man?!

Now I‘m not talking a plain ‘jo-shmo’ or an average guy. I’m talking someone whose face can frighten away puppies and rodents!

While most seem to have great personalities, getting over that initial shock to your system is hard for most of us and while there are many merits (which I have already listed and shared) to dating an ugly man, the following constitutes the cons against being in constant contact with these individuals whose facial features make your gag reflex have to work overtime!

>You don’t want to be startled when you roll over first thing in the morning. Why provoke a heart attack?

>You don’t want children from that union! Hell no! Nobody plays with or want to babysit ugly babies!

>You refuse to walk around bitter at your lot in life. Being with an ugly man is akin to the trials and tribulations Job encountered in that bible story.

>No amount of money or alcohol can make him look cute. No it don’t work. That ‘uniqueness’ can clear up any alcoholic haze or drunken stupor you may be in.

>Going home to cuddle at the end of the day requires prayer and fasting first. Why dread leaving work at the end of the day?

>Just once you would like to leave the lights ON! Aren’t you tired of doing it in the dark?!

>After a while, you start to look like him! Didn’t your elders always say that after a time, you start looking like your partner? Well it is unfortunately true!

>Your doctor has told you that your headaches are as a result of the visual traumatic stress you endure daily. Yep, your brain is reacting to the ordeal you are putting it through. It may not hold up much longer!

>You are tired of fantasising that it’s Idris or Denzil between your legs. We all have our fantasies but this is taking it to a whole other level!

>Even the garbage man think sey you salt. Yep. You could see the pity in his eyes when he saw you guys walking out as a couple yesterday.

>None of your girlfriends want to visit anymore. Who would? I certainly wouldn’t wanna hang out with someone who should probably be borrowing the mask from the guy in Friday the 13th.

>The plastic surgeon says there is nothing even he can do to improve his odds. You corna dark bad!

>Your ex is looking pretty hot right now…. When your ex boyfriend who did you wrong start looking like a viable alternative, then you know you’re in trouble!