Things you no longer find cute when you have fallen out of love with someone

  • Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

>Farts. They even smell different. When you can’t stand the person even the scent of them is extra offensive!

>Chewing with their mouth open! Lord have mercy! Why do you need to chomp like a damn tractor? smh

>Snoring! It wasn’t sexy when you were in love and it damn sure ain’t sexy now.

>Talking loudly on the fone! Why the people in Montego Bay need to know that you had 2 days of the worse diaharrea of your life?! Do you have to be so loud with the useless conversation? Sheesh

>Cleaning up after them. Picking up socks, underwear and empty plates after someone you don’t like is asking a atheist to attending a Pentecostal crusade – torture!

>Having to cook their meals. Note to people who live with others who don’t like them: no nyam dem food…you don’t know what you swallowing. I’m just saying.

do you ever stop talking?

>The funny faces they make during sex. This is the kicker. Then ehmm…what dem doing on top of you if you don’t like dem anymore? Pray tell.

>Most of their friends. Yep there mooching, carry news, ever a beg friends can all go play in midday traffic!

>The music they listen to. Take your Christ brown-Lil Wayne- Rhianna loving self outta my house if you know wey good fi you! KMT

>Their presence! Yep the very sight of them can be vexing to your spirit so the quicker you split the better for all parties involved so nuh homicide nuh commit!