Dirty Little Secrets

  • Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Don’t even front! We all have them. Those deep, dark secrets that we just wish were not there or didn’t exist. Those skeletons that love to occasionally show themselves at the most inopportune time! Yes we all have secrets we wish to remain hidden, some more shocking than others.

Some are just gross like our secrets bad habits or rituals we do with our OCD selves. Others will leave peoples’ mouths agape if they found out just what we were hiding and yet there are some that are just funny and will give people a chuckle or two.

Below are some stories shared with me. For the sake of anonymity (because some people too damn fass!) I have changed the names to respect confidentiality. Read and then if you are so inclined, share one or two of your own secrets. I dare you. Lol

Myrna, 48*: When I got married I ‘forgot’ to tell my husband that I had a child living in the country. I used to tell him that every holiday I needed to go look for my cousins, nieces and nephews. He didn’t find out until she was almost 18. Needless to say he was pissed!

Charmaine,25*: I got married when I very young and I was a virgin which my husband was very excited about, but over the years I never told him that the sex we had did nothing for me. I don’t feel anything. Truth be told I don’t even like it, I just fake it ‘til it’s over and I can get to go about my business or go to sleep.

Neil, 21* I have been laid off work for the past 4 months but everyday I get up and leave the house like I’m still going to work and my girlfriend has no clue. My family helps me out with money so the bills still gets paid. I’m trying to work up the courage now to tell her but I know it’s gonna be a problem when I do.

* Fullisha, 33*: My husband thinks he is slick. He cheats on me and I pretend not to know so I play dumb when he comes home smelling like Irish Spring soap. KMT what he doesn’t know is that recently I started seeing one of his friends when he supposedly is out of town on business. Yep. Unfair game plays twice. Him damn lucky!

*Morhan, 58*: I am divorced and have to answer to no one anymore so I can finally enjoy what I like which is to dress up in women’s clothes around the house and just enjoy the feel of the silky fabric. I have been wearing womens’ clothing for years unbeknown to my ex-wife, everyone in my family and my circle. Some may say I cross dress but I prefer not to put any label on myself.

Shawn,44*: My wife and I need to figure out how to tell our teenaged daughter that the little boy next door that she plays with and babysits occasionally is also my son. I cheated on my wife with the neighbour a few years ago and got a son. My wife stayed with me but it’s killing me to see my daughter playing with her brother without a clue as to who he really is. I pray God shows me the best way out of this predicament.

Paulette,29*: I Like to eat my ‘buugers’ (dried nose snot). I know it sounds gross but they taste sweet. My husband caught me doing it once and made me promise to stop but I can’t. I just wait until he leaves for work and then enjoy myself at my own leisure. I feel bad but I guess I’m an addict!

*Names changed to protect identity.