You know you’re a THOT when…

  • Thursday, February 5th, 2015

For anyone who has been living under a rock, been in Siberia or was in some Buddhist retreat for the past year, the new term for ‘hoes’ and ‘mud ducks’ is THOT.

Now THOT is an acronym for ‘That Hoe Over There’ and there are many women who display some THOT like behaviour from time to time, but there is a small segment of the female population that eat, sleep, breathe and exist in this kinda ratchetness which leaves me to think that they were simply born THOT or been drinking the spiked Kool Aid from an early age!

Below is a list of behaviours that clearly states what constitutes THOT like actions and if you find yourself displaying two or more, you may need some serious intervention. Then again, maybe you like it and it has been working out for you so who am I to fix what has not been broken, at least, not from your point of view.

>The zipper on your jeans is at the BACK, not the front

>He can only see you between 10pm and 2am. Never in the day time and never in public.

>When you ring his phone he never answers. He always calls back when it is convenient for him.

>He greets you over the phone not with ‘How was your day ‘, instead you get ‘can I see you later?’.

>You have already had DNA tests down on two men to determine the father of your baby…with no success

>When you call, your name comes up as ‘THOT’ on his phone.

>Instead of lip gloss and make-up in your clutch purse when you go out at nights, you have condoms, KY jelly and a change of underwear.

>You have a man for every major bill. For example you have a ‘boyfriend’ for the rent, one for the car payment, one for the cylinder of gas and another for your light and water bills etc

>In the past you have ‘dated’ your ex, his best friend….and his cousin!

>A man never takes you to dinner, a play or the movies. Only to clubs, bars and secluded chill spots.

> Whenever you say you are going to the bathroom, for some reason a guy always seem to end up IN there with you. Go figure.

>He doesn’t know your last name, and has never asked you.

>There are mirrors that light up above your bed!

>None of your female friends will leave you alone with their man, not even for a second. No sah , dat bad!