When dish towel tun table cloth!

  • Sunday, June 28th, 2015

So recently my significant other became a mini celebrity when he joined the legal team representing the people of Tivoli Garden at the inquiry into what took place during those fateful days in May 2010.

Now this blog is not about the inquiry, it’s about people’s response to the fact that Mike is now a legal eagle and prominently featured on two networks five days a week. Firstly from he said yes to the invitation, media houses started calling, even one run by a fellow that when Mike was on his face, would not given him the time of day. It was pretty heart rending for him to see the attitude of the man as he not only knew him personally, but the individual actually taught him in high school. Yet still when times got rough, he passed him as if he was a leper. Boy oh boy how circumstances and times have changed that now the same person is calling him like crazy. I tell you bout dem people yah eese…

Now aside from Mike, the philistines have been calling me as well, inviting me to join this, offering me that and generally making much of me when previously none of them were calling my phone. My questions are why and to what end?

I have absolutely no interest in sharing space or air with these people. While some may say that it is a perfect opportunity for networking, I don’t wanna network in that arena. These people are fake, frauds and foul. They for the most part do not have a ounce of sincerity in their bodies and I don’t want to be hanging around them.

Think about it: can you imagine me surrounded by these snakes and vipers having tea, socialising, discussing and dissecting people like them do? Can you see me chit-chatting about the 2016 Audi I ordered, my latest red-bottom shoes or the recent soiree I threw that was just ‘to die for’? Oh hell noooooooooooooooooooooo! Them type a pretentious lifestyle crew and clubs is not for me.

So I politely declined. I respect what service clubs do but I more respect people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and just forget about their French manicure. I have tremendous appreciation for the people who go to a old age home and comb the residents’ hair or go read a book to a child that is not their own or cook and go feed some street people or simply carry some Sunday dinner to a family down the road who they know do not have it. Those are the people me waa roll with. Those are the people who make a real difference in the is country and they do so without seeking recognition or hogging the spotlight on Page 2 or other society pages in newspapers and magazines.

Those are the kind of crews I wanna be associated with and who I have worked with in the past. Dem deh people a nuh hurry come up. Dem a readi-made table cloth from mawning! Seen!