Romance ….on a Budget!

  • Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

We all know it takes cash to care but our pocket really should not dictate how romantic we are or how creative we can be in making our significant other feel valued and appreciated. While cash is still king, you can have a blast on a budget with a little ingenuity and a whole lot of common sense.

Valentine’s Day just went and for some it meant giving ‘til it hurt but a little creativiy can go a long way  without  necessarily  breaking the bank or creating a pothole in our purse as gifts that are well planned  and thoughtful tend to mean more to the receiver sometimes than pricey items  purchased with the simple swipe of a credit card.

In my bid to help cupid this year, I put together a list of romantic options design to put that ‘zing’ back in ‘amazing’. No idea was considered too corny or over the top in finding inexpensive alternatives that will melt hearts if not a package of chocolate.

  1. 1. A picnic for two. Why not pack a basket full of her/his favourite food items and head up to Hope Gardens for an afternoon rendezvous far from the maddening crowd. While Emancipation Park is more centrally located for most, Hope is where the hope will spring eternal as it offers way more solitude, privacy, ambience and the opportunity to sneak in a kiss or two (or three) without a security guard butting in at the most inconvenient time.
  2. A weekend at Hollywell. If your partner like adventure and is not high maintenance, consider a romantic weekend up in the cool, crisp air of St. Andrew. Imagine hot chocolate and even hotter kisses and you know you will be in for a treat.
  3. Personalised Radio Shout-out. If you have next to zero dollars but want to show her that she is in your thoughts, get her favorite radio station to send her personalized  greetings on the air. Make sure it is done at a time you know she is usually tuned in at work or at home. That should score you some serious brownie points in the bedroom later.
  4. Their favourite meal. Whether it be pasta or pizza, stewed peas or salt mackerel rundown, make an effort to prepare the dish that titillate their palate and put a wide grin on their face.
  5. A full body massage. Now we talking! The laying of hands in a slow sensual manner is what we all desire, especially if we are tired, stressed or just had a rough day. Light some aromatherapy candles, dim the lights, put on some Teddy Prendergast or Barry White and have your partner stretch out in front of you so that you can work your magic through your finger tips.
  6. Print t-shirts with their picture on it. Find a picture of your partner that he/she absolutely adores because it capture not only his/her personality but also that special sparkle in their eyes. Once you are sure you captured their ‘good side’, find a t-shirt printer and get it all done up in their favourite colour.  
  7. Make a signature drink. Move over Shirley Temple! If you girl is an extrovert who likes to party and hang out at a club or bar on the weekends, ask the bartender to show off his own creativity and design a signature drink just for her that she can enjoy every time she patronizes the joint. She will undoubtedly boast to all her friends and family that she has her own drink named after her. How cool is that?!
  8. Do a move night with all of his favourite movies. Queue up the DVDs and select all of his favorite action pack flick from ‘Rambo’ to ‘Godfather’ to ‘Scarface’ and let him binge watch and repeat all those famous iconic one liners that he knows by heart. Pop some popcorn, fill a bucket with ice cold beers and let him just immerse himself into his favorite characters.
  9. Pen a Poem. None of that ‘Roses are red’ crap type poem. But heartfelt expressions of your feelings that will make her comprehend the depth of your love for her. Forget the machismo and trying to look cool. Women love their man are vulnerable and sincere so pour it all out on paper and let her know that you cherish her not just on valentines but all the other 364 days of the year.
  10. A Sexy Scavenger Hunt. Leave clues around the house or little riddles that will be a fun adventure culminating in the final clue in the bedroom that you have already set up as a pleasure den with roses, candles and next to no clothing. These are the things that great memories are made of, so get busy!