MeToo Global 5K Run/Walk – Dedicated to Making a Change

  • Sunday, April 1st, 2018

It may have started out simple enough but the universal culture of objectifying women and their body parts has finally drawn the backlash it deserves as women across the world are finally standing up and saying “no more”. The prevalence and popularity of the “Me Too” movement ignited in 2017 and has spread like a soul cleansing wildfire, with more than half a million women from all over the globe coming forward to share their story of being sexually harassed.

The hashtag ‘Me Too” has resonated with women who once were afraid to speak up and speak their truth, as everyone from politicians to rappers and many in between viewed them similarly to a bucket of fried chicken, hence they were no more valuable than their legs, thighs and breasts. With the ‘Me Too’ movement, they are finally recognising their worth and that being a woman is not a demotion, but a promotion of purpose.

Team RaceRunner is proud to support all such brave individuals both symbolically and through our app, for athletes interested in making a change. With our upcoming ‘MeToo Global 5K Walk/Run’, participants from all over the globe are invited to sign up, show up and support a movement which seeks to end sexual assault and violence against our sisters, friends, mothers and daughters.

By using the RaceRunner app, athletes can be a part of the movement and show their support come Global Running Day on Wednesday June 6, 2018, where they will participate virtually in the ‘#MeToo Global 5K Run / Walk’ that allows individuals from Jamaica, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India plus numerous countries and cities far and wide, at all levels of fitness to run, skip, stroll or walk in support of this worthy cause. By simply downloading the app to their phone, runners will be able to connect with other participants globally, with added voice system that acts as a navigation guide throughout the established route chosen.

The RaceRunner app is an ideal medium to not only get people involved in staying fit and having a healthy body, but through their participation to this cause, assist other individuals to have a healthier frame of mind as they look to the future.