Let’s be scent-sible

  • Thursday, July 26th, 2018

Have you ever noticed that if you are having a bad day, a fragrance can turn it around and make you feel like a million dollars? Such is the power of perfume, the full transformation of fragrance; the strength of scent.

Whether you are male or female, nothing shows off one’s personality quite like perfume. Most of us have a signature scent that we live by and can never be without but that does not mean that on occasion we do not switch things up a bit depending on the evening, the event or simply our effervescent self when we seek to put our best foot forward and step out with confidence.

I sought to get a whiff of what choosing the right fragrance entails from the island’s leading authorised distributors of some of the most sought after perfumes and dispel myths about fragrances as well as share some common dos and donts about wearing perfume because just as it applies to high end accessories, when it comes to quality fragrances less is more.

Right out the gate, you should know that not everything will agree with you. This simple fact will save you money, time, effort and in some cases, headache and irritated skin. Because a fragrance is expensive does not mean it will agree with us. If your sweat is acidic for instance, lavender is a note that if your body chemistry doesn’t agree with it, you may smell raw. Instead try something with lemon grass. You should also be aware that the lotion you use can have a reaction plus if you scrub your skin. Ideally you should test it for 15 minutes to half an hour to get a true reflection on how it will smell on you.

A fragrance is expensive not just because of the brand but the ingredients used. Jamaicans she added are brand loyal to an extent and women especially like brands that are associated with beauty, being youthful and being sexy. Jamaican women love ‘White Diamond’ because the image of beautiful, young Elizabeth Taylor is embedded in their psyche and every woman wants to wear diamonds.

For many people their love affair with a particular scent is usually linked to a subconscious memory that many do not even realise exist. Some fragrances are classic as it marks an era in one’s life. It may be associated with a period in your life that is linked to a smell, like that of the home you grew up in, of the cup of cocoa you got every morning as a child, of your first love etc. So perfumes like ‘Eternity’, Chanel No. 5 or Hugo Boss etc can trigger these memories etc.

When it comes to fragrances, there are some common faux paus that many of us are guilty of, so let’s sets the record straight about the ‘no-nos’ of wearing perfumes. First of all do not mix fragrances. They have moods and personalities so what you wear in the day, may not be what you require at night when you want to relax or maybe be seductive. We women change our minds constantly so fragrances will reflect this. Therefore when you mix fragrances, you lose the effect of what it was made for. If you have a fragrance that is energetic and you mix it with another, you lose that effect. Plus when people ask what you are wearing, what do you tell them?

Another big mistake is spraying one’s genitals with perfume. Dont do it! Especially if you just shaved or waxed! Most fragrances have alcohol so it will burn! Perfume is an enhancer not an antidote. If you need to bathe, just bathe hence perfume on dirty skin is worse. Ideally, you should spray the mist after drying off so that it goes onto clean skin. With this heat, fragrances should be used just as an enhancer not a replacement for certain basic hygiene products so deodorant is a must. Heat will change the fragrance so those with lime or an aquatic note will keep you cool. When you are hot, fragrances will be enhanced so don’t wear too much as you don’t want to overpower people.

Women should avoid wearing a male fragrance. It isn’t sexy as when a man smells you, he doesn’t want to smell something masculine. It comes down to what you want. Do you want to attract or repel? Our scent is our greatest form of memory. The things you love is associated with a scent. When you lose someone, by holding their pillow you absorb their scent. It is the same thing with fragrances. This is also what you shouldn’t mix fragrances as you lose that effect.

Some commonly held myths about perfumes are that they should be stored in the fridge or can be kept in the car. Wrong. After a while you don’t smell it so you run the risk of going overboard when spraying as the heat affect them. Also do not spray on your wrists and then rub them together. Spray the mist from a distance on your pulse and wait.

Choosing the right fragrance has a lot to do with one’s personality. If you are very shy, you may not carry off a powerful, seductive fragrance while if you crave the spotlight, you can rock a strong fragrance like ‘Scandal’, ‘Angel’ or Carolina Herrera” because with that confidence you can wear practically anything. A fragrance can make an entrance, hence the big difference between ‘I am here’ and ‘here I am’.

With all the joyous transformations aided by these ‘scent-sations’, unfortunately some people have a condition that prevent them from enjoying it. These people have what is known as sinusitis. In reality it is the ingredients that trigger sinuses because some contain colour/dye; others have added scents like lavender, lilies and roses which can also be a trigger so you get a reaction to that particular ingredient. You therefore need to look for something aquatic or a body splash. The only way to completely solve that problem is to test or try them out one at a time.

it is recommended for persons with sensitive skin is to seek something that does not have a high alcohol content. That is why it is also important to wear authentic fragrances because with fake scents you do not know what is in it. What happens is that some of these people get the real fragrances and water it down by adding a tonne of unknown ingredients, some of which may affect you negatively.

And  what exactly is ‘eu de toilet’. “t is actually French for ‘toilet water’? Decades ago, the dresser was actually kept in the bathroom as this was where the women got all dolled up so the fragrance was kept on the dresser. The difference between ‘eu d toilet’ and perfume is the alcohol strength. The lower concentration is the splash, then the ‘eu de toilet and then perfume. The extract is the purest form.While fragrances may not directly improve someone’s health, they do create positive feelings and lowers stress which impacts our overall well being. At the end of the day we all feel good when complimented on our new hair style, outfit or a new pair of shoes. Same is true when it comes to perfume.