‘Sugar Daddy’ – an honest view of everyday sexual reality

  • Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

What do you get when you combine nudity and language that would make the pope blush and hide his face in his papal skirt? ‘Sugar Daddy’.  Written and directed by Playwright David Tulloch who himself had a wicked ‘sex’ scene par excellence, this is not for the faint of heart or flip flopping Christians.

The opening scene is one that anyone in media world instantly call ‘the hook’ as it began not on the stage but in the aisle right smack in front of the audience and it was turnt up as there was  a naked woman fighting metres away so immediately theatre goers were caught up in the drama.

The story line surrounds the tale of two different parts of the cities, uptown and inner-city. Problems abound in both as nether women are happy in their relationship for a myriad of reasons  and call it quits on their men. Kysan is a progressive young girl who has a good head on her body and an even sexier body while Anita is privileged and educated and feels that her husband George is not maintaining her in the lifestyle that she deserves. Soon the tables get turned and the women switch stations in life and things come to ahead when all four meet and realities are confronted.

The plot is killer with plenty of punch lines and laughter. The acting is also good and Tulloch himself who is usually behind the scene, steps up to the plate as an actor with the most likeable character ever. Production and set design is on point and the only minus comes in the form of the ending as it was a bit anticlimactic, but overall ‘Sugar Daddy’ is worth every salacious view.