The ‘Please Call Me’ Syndrome

  • Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

So I’m in bed watching my favourite reality show (yes I watch reality shows, don’t judge!) when a message comes in on my cheap Samsung (by the way everybody need to have a cheap phone that they can pull out in any company without fear of the ‘2 foot puss’ dem a grab and run). Thinking it was maybe someone important like a family member, I shifted focus from the telly long enough to see that it was a ‘please call me’.

Now if you know me (and even if you don’t), you will know I don’t like responding to ‘please call mes’ or as my mother called them ‘ghetto faxes’. As a former Digicel CEO once said, the Irish like to talk but Jamaicans have them beaten in that area but this yardie definitely don’t have time calling people to just say “whatagwan”. I just don’t.  It may sound a way but I’m being totally honest here. The government has now taxed talking so me wuss nah spend money on talking when I can Facebook or email someone. If I wanna communicate, I can send as much as 200 texts daily for roughly $15 so that’s a steal.

I also have a problem with the people who are sending ‘please call me’ as usually it is from people who ain’t got nothing to do. I’m not talking the individuals who honestly ran out of credit; I’m talking the ones who have time on their hands and will tell you that they are bored. Who the hell has time to be bored? Not me. Like the Prime Minister I’m constantly working, working, working!

Typically when you investigate the people who love to send ‘please call me’ never have credit yet! They beg credit and when they get it, none of it is ever used to talk the credit sender. Now explain to me how you have an expensive smart phone but never have money to buy credit? That makes absolutely no sense to me but as my mother always says common sense is not that common plus a lot of dumb people have smart phones. I’m just saying!get ur own credit

Let me categorically state that I don’t know how to send a ‘please call me’. I have never sent one in all the years of rapid telecommunication expansion. When I run out of credit I either buy some, use my land line or if push come to shove, borrow a friend or good Samaritan’s phone.

I have no problem with people who want to send ‘please call me’…just don’t send them to me because if you are not my child, my mother or my man, I more than likely will not answer.  It is a feature on your phone that should not be used unless it is necessary, like in an emergency such as your car breaking down etc. Don’t waste time sending it because you lonely and want someone to shoot the breeze with. If that is the case get a puppy!

Now I am not rigid in my rule because if I see one from someone I know is not a joker or time waster, I would think that something major is happening so I will respond. So know if you send one to me, there had better be a good reason… worse if you interrupting my ‘me time’ with my remote.