My Sugar Addiction

  • Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Hi. My name is Nicola and I’m a sugaraholic. Yes I have to confess as my life long denial as gotten me in trouble and gotten me about 15 pounds on my backside!

I have had a life long love affair with ‘Suga’ and I need to break up with him…and fast. ‘Suga’ has been my first love, my high school crush, my first partner and my man on the side all in one. He has seen me through studying, late night baby feedings, pets, man problems, depression, girls’ night out, parties, moving house and especially through all those late night movie marathons.

Now you and I both know ‘Suga’ is very fertile and has a lot of children and being a good woman I’m very accepting on them all, so Pepsi, Coca Cola, ice cream, cheesecake, Black Forrest, glazed donuts, tiramasu and all the rest of the clan visit my home very often but they don’t seem to stay too long (usually cuz I consume them almost immediately).

Now this love of ‘Suga’ is not entirely my fault as I believe I got the initial attraction from my mom who also has a love affair with him. You could probably say we share the same man!

Some may view my affair as not being that bad as some women are addicted to prescription drugs, some to weed, others to shopping, gambling, liquor, sex, shoes and even dating men who are bad for them. I know everyone has their vices, some are public and others they would rather keep secret but I just feel I have to name and claim mine to break the addiction.

I am actually doing much better now as I can see ‘Suga’ at a party or the supermarket and don’t get so wound up and jealous when he doesn’t come home with me. I know that too much of that man is not good for me so I’m learning to deal with him in small doses.

Despite our very long relationship, we need to go our separate ways and just to show how good a person I am, he can even keep the kids. I will keep the money I would spend on maintaining them.  

So I’m saying goodbye ‘Suga’. We may see each other occasionally on the streets but please don’t be coming to my home anymore uninvited. Let me breathe, shrink a size or two before you come calling. I’m an independent, strong woman and I don’t need nobody weighing me down (literally!)So kick rocks! Deuces! Love don’t live here anymore!

 Plus I know I don’t need ‘Suga’s support cuz I’m sweet enough as I am! (hehehehe)