New Year’s Resolutions

  • Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

So it is two months into 2014 and many have discarded their New Year’s resolutions already but not me. I have a bucket list of crap to do over the next 10 months and I’m gonna get at least 4 accomplished or die trying like 50 cent said.


Some lady with liquor

It’s funny how when it comes to work I never procrastinate at all. In fact I’m the opposite. I’m a speed demon when it comes to getting work off and taking on more work but when it comes to self help and working on moi…well…ehm… lets just say not so much.

It is easy to say that work pays the bills which is probably why I give it such priority but that is just a part of it. Work is something I know, I’m used to and depending of the project or job, some time I can do it in my sleep. Yep I’m kinda that good (patting myself on the back and all). While self-help projects require motivation and the need to look at myself which is the kind of close introspection that I am a tad bit uncomfortable with. Who exactly is that chubby though cute chick staring back in the mirror with the locks?

I think self analysis requires some liquor to make it easier but I am committed to doing better in 2014! I have to! I only have but one of me so it’s time I stop taking me for granted and bite the proverbial bullet and do better. Gonna start taking at least one ‘me’ day out of the week and tuned out work, housework, husband and responsibility and just do me. Whether it’s with the remote, a good book, a pedicure and facial, a spa day, window shopping (not even gonna try the other kind) hanging out with a good friend and chatting crap, working out or even getting comfy with a ‘toy’ or two (yes I said it), I’m gonna starting doing me before the undertaker gets his turn doing me, make-up and all!

2014 will be a year for exploration and whatever I find out about myself I will embrace it as another idiosyncrasy that has made me the woman that I am. Simple.