What A Sinting

Welcome to my world. An altered state of reality in which I sometimes feel as if I am the only one experiencing issues and situations that are ridiculous, funny, frustrating and thought provoking.

Essentially I love to laugh and so I surround myself with people that make me laugh and can appreciate that I am a clown and a big kid at heart and do not hold it against me. For the most part my family gets me and my dysfunctional brain but then being related to them, they really don’t have much choice in the matter.

As a journalist, I tend to look at things through different lenses and my reaction at times may not be what most people typically expect, hence why to this day I still manage to get people to raise any eyebrow with not much effort.

Life in Jamaica is frustratingly sweet. Nowhere else on earth can a situation make you curse ‘bad words’ at 9am when it happened and be popping big laughs at 9pm when you are relating it to a captive audience. Indeed ‘Jamdown’ is a microcosm of madness that somehow works and love it or loathe, it makes us who we are so why not get some of it down and share it?

This blog chronicles my journey and the everyday things that occur around me. You may not always agree with my rationale but you should at least be able to understand the basic inner workings of a woman who is both determined and demented.

‘What A Sinting’ should stimulate you and give you some new laugh lines both at the same time. Life is too short to always be serious but also too fleeting to overlook elements that are important.

We all have those moments when we stand in awe, gape and are speechless before we shout and run to tell someone else what we have witnessed or experienced. Those moments are truly the ones that leaves us saying ‘What a sinting!’

a lioness has to have a lion right? Sochi or Ochi? A me sey foam party! beach cricket anyone Old McDonald has nutten on me!
me doing my serious pose

me doing my serious pose