Top ten Jamaican Christmas songs

Forget chestnuts on an open fire or dashing through the snow on a sleigh as chestnuts and sleighs are not readily available at Pricesmart and therefore are not a part of our everyday reality. So while you know these Christmas carols, we generally do not relate as well them as we do to our local artistes who sing about sorrel, mongrel dogs and Santa who got lost in a mango tree.

7 signs you are the ugly friend in the group

You have all been friends since high school and you thought they were your ‘ride or die’ pals but lately you been browsing on Instagram and they seem to be partying as usual but you obviously did not get the memo as to when and where. What could possibly be wrong since you did not have any fights or falling outs recently but you definitely feel slighted by their recent exclusion of you.

The “outside” child

I was once part of a wedding where everyone but the father of the bride knew that the little toddler running around was the child of the groom. He just naturally assumed the baby belonged to a guest. His daughter did not want to inform him as it would have been another strike against the groom who was significantly older than her so she chose not to say anything at all to her father. It all nearly came to a head when the photographer wanted a family photo and so the bride quickly decided that it was the perfect time for a bathroom break and since the dress was long and cumbersome it would take a while to get that done. In reality, was her way of taking as much time as possible for everyone to get restless and wonder off so there would be no family portrait with the little boy included.

Why men carry ‘pum pum’ feelings?

He was nice to you until you introduced him to your boyfriend. Instantly his countenance and attitude towards you changed; his smile turned to a smirk and he is dismissive of you and everything you have to say. So what could have caused this? Well, there are several possibilities but the main contender is probably that he is upset that you are the one that got away. This is what is known as ‘pum pum’ feelings.