Wedding dos and donts

Ahhhhh. The smell of love in the air makes one thinks of cupid proudly sitting back congratulating himself on another job well done. Weddings are a time of hope and the promise of forever so we dress up, eat and listen to heartfelt speeches about how those two individuals have now become one, united in their commitment to each other. Weddings are a joyous celebration but some people get carried away in their youthful exuberance and as such the bride or the groom may make a metal note not to invite them anywhere again because their behaviour sucked. In order to prevent getting kicked out of the wedding for playing the fool, let us explore some simple etiquette rules that we should all know but it does not hurt to have a gentle reminder.

Having a ‘Rainbow’ baby

Two years ago the Turners were devastated after their baby died in utero months in the pregnancy.  So impactful was their loss that they could not deal with disassembling the nursery so they simply kept the door closed as they tried to close that painful chapter of their lives. Until now, as the couple is now ecstatic to have discovered that they are once again expecting and so far all the signs for a healthy baby are positive. Yes, the Turners are overjoyed to soon be welcoming their rainbow baby.