Are marriages outdated?

They have four children, 2 dogs and 7 years together and seem reasonably happy. She is the only unmarried one out of her tight quartet of friends but ironically also the one with the least amount of drama, infidelity and fighting in their relationship. Her friends and family keep asking her when her significant other is going to put a ring on it but Marcia* always smile and shrugged off the suggestion that she needs to tie the knot. For her things are perfectly fine the way they are.

what’s in a baby name?

True Story. A few years ago I went to New York to see family and was being introduced to the North American side of the clan and all the various younger cousins and kin folks. One particularly pubescent girl gave me a winning smile and said ‘Hi, my name is Shelivya’. I thought at the moment my mind as well as my hearing was playing tricks on me so I asked her to repeat and sure enough it was not faulty auditory wiring. Her name really was pronounced ‘She-live-yah’. me being the joker that I am, remarked “Where she live again? Over deh so?” For some reason they never found my wisecrack funny.

That’s Bizzare!Wacky Marriage & Divorce Laws Found around the world

First comes love, then comes marriage and sometimes shortly after…the divorce. Often what started out so promising can be as temporary and fickle as fashion and when it comes to nuptials, happily ever after sometimes only exist in fairy tales. There are many weird and wacky international tales of love and loss hence we sought to whet your appetite for the bizarre with a few marriage and divorce laws that will either make you chuckle or cringe.