10 things a real woman does in a relationship

Every man deserves a good woman; someone who is his backbone or like the Bible says his rib that is a comforter, nurturer, sounding board, muse, life coach and help mate whenever one or more of these roles is required. A lot has been said about the search for a good man but we tend to be silent when it comes to locating that genuine girl that challenges her spouse to be a better version of himself.

Things that are obsolete or almost there

A lot of things become outdated from hair, clothing and fashion styles to even slang words.  Remember in the 80s when everyone said ‘irie’? Now that sounds so cheesy that you want to put it into a bottle and spread it over a slice of bread. Just to remind you of how far we have evolved in this technological era where everything is touch screen this and facialrecognition that, let us pay homage to the inanimate objects of our past that at one epoch, were so much a part of our lives we never knew we could live without them. Are you ready for that nostalgic stroll down memory lane?

How short is too short when it comes to a man?

So your friend set you up on a blind date and tells you to have an open mind. Once you hear that it should have been your first indicator that something is amiss and they are trying to prepare you for a mild shock. You see him seated and he looks pleasant enough…until he stand up and then you realise you are much taller than him hence the greeting is stilted and awkward. You would love to head for the door but common courtesy dictates that you sit through the meal and at least act civilised.

The merits of dating an ugly woman

It is often said that a physically unattractive man can have other attributes that make him desirable to the opposite sex but when a woman is seen as unattractive, it is tantamount to a life sentence without the possibility of parole.  It may sound farfetched, it may even sound harsh but considering how some women paint their faces with make-up in order to be seen as pleasing to the eye, there may be some merit in the above statement.