What to expect when you are with a ‘bruk man’

Dobby Dobson got a lot of flack for his hit song ‘Loving Pauper’ back in the day but honesty counts for a lot in a relationship. A man who has nothing and tells his girl that he has nothing and expects her to stay with him, is not only an honest man but very brave in an epoch when women are known for being materialistic and cynical. A broke man who is either unemployed or under employed has to get creative when finding ways to make his significant other feel special.

Does Role Playing have a place in your bedroom?

Remember when you were a child and you used to love to play dress up? Yup, you would do anything to get a Superman costume or Wonder Woman’s bracelet and belt and even when you got older you wanted to be one of the popular wrestlers and you would go around strutting your stuff and posing like your favourite characters. Well you can still keep it fun but take it up a notch, lose the ‘pg’ play for something a little more risqué as you take the games into the bedroom.