Panties in summer– optional or not?

The term ‘don’t get your panties in a bunch’ should probably be changed to ‘do not go with panties at all’ as with the record breaking heat being felt all over, more and more women are going fully ventilated. It may be a panty less summer for many as woman all over complain about the oppressive heat and its consequences of sweating all over (and under) and the need to feel fresh regardless of the occasion or time of day.

Looks or Personality…choose one!

What would hapen if you met a great man who opens your car door, lends you his phone to make calls, introduces you to his family and friends and pays you compliments unsolicited. You are over the moon happy and can see the relationship progressing to the next level but there is just one tiny problem. Him nuh cute! In fact that may be putting it mildly as he has a face best seen through snapchat filters.

Men with big feet…

… they are said to have big pockets! They are also said to have something else that is oversized and that usually get women scrutinising the male mid-section with blatant curiosity. As long as they have been storytelling, there has been the tale that men with big feet have large penises, hence those who sport shoe size eleven or larger can be seen strutting around like peacocks.