Top ten Jamaican Christmas songs

Forget chestnuts on an open fire or dashing through the snow on a sleigh as chestnuts and sleighs are not readily available at Pricesmart and therefore are not a part of our everyday reality. So while you know these Christmas carols, we generally do not relate as well them as we do to our local artistes who sing about sorrel, mongrel dogs and Santa who got lost in a mango tree.

Ways to Give Back this Christmas

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas with lights, trimmings, decorations, Santa hats, trees, carols, shopping and of course ham, cake and sorrel to complete the yuletide festivities. With tonnes of parties, dinners and family gatherings to attend, our schedule during the season is usually full but for a few dedicated souls, the reason behind the season has not been forgotten.  When we remove the commercialized part of it, Christmas is supposed to be about giving and for some individuals, that remains what it truly is about.

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