The merits of dating an ugly woman

It is often said that a physically unattractive man can have other attributes that make him desirable to the opposite sex but when a woman is seen as unattractive, it is tantamount to a life sentence without the possibility of parole.  It may sound farfetched, it may even sound harsh but considering how some women paint their faces with make-up in order to be seen as pleasing to the eye, there may be some merit in the above statement.

What NOT to do on a blind date

When you heard the preposterous situation your bestie got you into, your immediately said ‘hell no!’ and it took almost a week for her to convince you to go. At first you were dead against it but when you realised that you have not been on date in almost two years and that the cobwebs on your ‘coochie’ has been gathering for close to three, you sighed and acquiesce. What is the worst that can happen right?

The ins and outs of a blind date

They say love is blind but what about dating? Could you see yourself across for an individual who you are just meeting for the first time because your mutual good friend thought that you guys would be perfect for each other and so set you guys up? Is it too much of a stretch to think that love could flourish from such a situation or do you feel that there are too many unknown variables at play for it to work?