The ins and outs of a blind date

They say love is blind but what about dating? Could you see yourself across for an individual who you are just meeting for the first time because your mutual good friend thought that you guys would be perfect for each other and so set you guys up? Is it too much of a stretch to think that love could flourish from such a situation or do you feel that there are too many unknown variables at play for it to work?

Would you date a mamma’s boy?

It is said to be every independent woman’s worse nightmare: the curse of the mamma boy. That male for whom the opinions and views of his mother mean more than any logical or rational argument you can throw at him.  Her hold is so tight that not even a new tin of WD40 can loosen it because she still cooks, cleans, comforts and consoles him in a way no other female is allowed to.

Why you should avoid ‘unique looking’ (UGLY) men

So if you haven’t had any luck in the dating world, you may have resorted to online dating or having a friend set you up with one of his or her friends. Now blind dates are hard enough and meeting someone for the first time will make you nervous as we all want to put our best foot forward as first impressions do count.

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