Are marriages outdated?

They have four children, 2 dogs and 7 years together and seem reasonably happy. She is the only unmarried one out of her tight quartet of friends but ironically also the one with the least amount of drama, infidelity and fighting in their relationship. Her friends and family keep asking her when her significant other is going to put a ring on it but Marcia* always smile and shrugged off the suggestion that she needs to tie the knot. For her things are perfectly fine the way they are.

When sex caa save a relationship

Red flags, rumours and things that don’t add up are just a few ways we can tell that our relationships may be in trouble. Some of us like to ignore the obvious and continue to play Suzie Homemaker and make believe that all its well on the home front as we are more interested in the fairy tale of a relationship than the reality of a real one. If we don’t fix small issues they won’t stay small for very long.

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What’s marriage (really) like?

A few days ago I was talking to a new acquaintance of mine and she said “I didn’t know you were married, why don’t you use your married name?” So I was explaining to her that my husband’s surname is three syllables and so is mine so it’s rather long winded and a bit much to roll off the tongue. Plus I had a career before I was married so I prefer to use my professional name as no one would know me by my married name. I thought the explanation was detailed enough for her but then she got this faraway, longing look in her eyes and completely floored me by asking “What’s it like being married?” Continue reading…