‘Barrel Pickney’ – Jamaica’s forgotten statistic

Most people will agree that the family is the foundation on which any thriving society is built but what happens, as in Jamaica’s case, when that foundation is de-stabled for reasons that seem near insurmountable? Poverty, crime and corruption are all presenting factors that everybody talks about but what about the underlying issues that few seem eager to address? One such issue is migration and its resulting challenge of the ‘barrel pickney’ syndrome. While remittance may contribute greatly to our gross domestic production, the factors surrounding the fall out from migration are often ignored to our detriment.

Turning 40: Lessons it has taught me

So my birthday was in August and I just wanna share some thoughts or pearls of wisdom as I chart a new course in this new decade.

They say life begins at forty which I can never really understand as what does that really means? That all those years before you were a foetus? You nane a live before? Was I hibernating throughout the previous decades. Smaddy explain it to me please.

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