You maybe a religious zealot if…

We all know at least one. Bible beaters holier than thou and so godly that you almost want to touch the hem of their garment to see if that ache in your knee will miraculously disappear. Saved, sanctified and water baptised are they to the point that at times logic is thrown out the window as the spirits, voices and everything spiritual takes precedence over what they can actually see, hear and touch. It makes life living among these people challenging to say the least

Homophobia in Jamaica – real or presumed?

We see them at all inclusive parties looking flawlessly made up, at bacchanal events gyrating, on pubic transportations, in clubs dancing and out in groups at bar and restaurants making merry and have a good old time. On the more seedy side the plethora of homosexual males working as prostitutes have grown significantly and in recent years, cross dressing men have also taken to the world’s oldest profession in areas such as New Kingston and have a thriving client list from the average Joe to wealthy business men who seek something ‘different’ for their sexual satisfaction.

Ten reasons why I’m afraid of Christian men

Now this particular article is meant as light hearted fun and if you take me serious, then you are exactly the reason why my butt cannot be in a church, as too often I find that Christians generally don’t have a sense of humour and I don’t know which one is worse, the men or the women.

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