What makes ‘bad words’ bad?

Recently dancehall queen Spice made a plea to the Government Jamaica to look into the possibility of de-criminalising ‘bad words’ or what we call obscenities as she said it is foolish to lock people up for the very same thing that makes us so unique and sort after worldwide. Her argument is that our language including the so called profanities is a part of our cultural identity and as such should be celebrated and not vilified as something bad or derogatory.

You’ll have your ‘yaad card’ revoked if…..

This one is especially for my friends who are overseas in the Diaspora who are missing home. From time to time, you guys may say something controversial, wacky or weird that someone in Jamaica will react to with a “oh no you did not just say that” and try to check you or threaten to revoke your ‘yaad card’ which is your status as a full fledged legitimate Jamaican.

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You’re not a real Jamaican if….

Yes it’s that time again when our patriotic blood churns black, green and gold and we put aside out differences for one week and celebrate independence and emancipation and ‘blen up’ the two and call it ‘emancipendence’. We drink coconut water, we eat grater cake and tamarind ball and black mango and fried fish and go watch the performers at Gran Gala and reconnect with our culture in a way that mek we ‘eye wata’ as despite its challenges, we truly love dis lickle pieca God blessed rock oh so badly.

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