Why men like women with long hair

Back in the days of old, women were taught that their crowning glory were their tresses, preferably the flowing kind which disqualifies most people of African descent but that has not stopped them from trying wigs, weave, clip on, braids, extensions, sew-ins to mention a few options. Indeed, the business of hair is big in this small island of ours and while some may scoff and deem it frivolous indulgence, you cannot overlook the fact that it is a billion dollar industry. Whether you want Peruvian or Brazilian, straight or kinky, hair is here to stay.

Men who don’t like baldhead or natural hair

So with all the rave about actress Lupita’s short hair cut and well how it fits her face I was recently confronted by a male friend of mine who stated categorically that he didn’t like short hair or thought it was sexy. This made me go off as I used to rock the bald look for years off and on and I love the convenience of having no hair to style, put in rollers etc. I would just wake, brush and go.

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