Would you date a mamma’s boy?

It is said to be every independent woman’s worse nightmare: the curse of the mamma boy. That male for whom the opinions and views of his mother mean more than any logical or rational argument you can throw at him.  Her hold is so tight that not even a new tin of WD40 can loosen it because she still cooks, cleans, comforts and consoles him in a way no other female is allowed to.

Handling those Meddling Mothers-in-law!

If the philosophy of ‘happy wife, happy life’ is true then how do you factor in the presence of some mothers-in-law who seem determined to rant, rage and possibly ruin your relationship with your spouse? We all know that when you get married to a man, you marry into the family and the whole package that comes with it good or bad. But what happens when there is more bad than good? If the woman that gave birth to him is a ‘monster-in-law’ how will her words and attitude impact your relationship?

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The Mamma’s Boy

We all know at least one or two. Those men who run to their mothers with every problem they have. They also either live at home though they are pushing 35 or they go there daily to “check up on her to see if she is ok”. They spend an inordinate amount of them with their mothers to the point that if they didn’t have a job, almost every waking hour would be in her presence. Continue reading…