If men are dogs, are women dog lovers?

No one is perfect and so when it comes to bad behaviour neither gender is without sin yet still men get pelted with more stones as they are said to be dogs and do doggish things like cheat, be disrespectful, inconsiderate, or worse are abusers or dead beat dads. Yup their reputations have preceded them in some instances but if men are such dogs why do women bother with them?

Are more young men settling down or just settling?

They are all under thirty and all married. Two are Christians and one claims to be a reformed player who hung up his shoes when he found the right woman. All of these men are in relationships that are less than four years and admit that while they are generally happy, they do sometimes miss the excitement of ‘doing road’. They are nowhere near the seven year itch however being this young one wonders if they were actually prepared for the monotony of domesticity; if being married is all that it promised to be and if in hindsight they felt they should have waited a few more years before settling down.

Why ‘Bun’ caa done!!

It is as old as society itself. In fact the good book chronicled how David and Bathsheba created their own version of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ behind Uriah’s back. In Shakespearean times, it was called “pouring treasure into foreign laps” or being ‘cuckolded’; fast forward to present times, the English refer to it as “doing the dirty on”.  In the United States, they call it ‘creeping’; Trinidadians call it “horning” while back a yard, it is just good old fashioned ‘bun’…and if you bright or bare faced, you serve it with cheese!

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Handling those Meddling Mothers-in-law!

If the philosophy of ‘happy wife, happy life’ is true then how do you factor in the presence of some mothers-in-law who seem determined to rant, rage and possibly ruin your relationship with your spouse? We all know that when you get married to a man, you marry into the family and the whole package that comes with it good or bad. But what happens when there is more bad than good? If the woman that gave birth to him is a ‘monster-in-law’ how will her words and attitude impact your relationship?

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