What makes ‘bad words’ bad?

Recently dancehall queen Spice made a plea to the Government Jamaica to look into the possibility of de-criminalising ‘bad words’ or what we call obscenities as she said it is foolish to lock people up for the very same thing that makes us so unique and sort after worldwide. Her argument is that our language including the so called profanities is a part of our cultural identity and as such should be celebrated and not vilified as something bad or derogatory.

Dealing with my Temper

I have a bad temper, I know this. However acknowledging it alone doesn’t really help as it doesn’t address the issue and doesn’t prevent my many volcanic type argument with people who piss me off and it certainly doesn’t help when I stick my foot in my mouth and have to apologise after. Eating crow really does not taste very good. I wonder at times if I should just walk with small packets of salt and pepper to favour it.

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