For My Daughter (Play Review)

The sacrifices mothers are called to make often go unrecognised but what happens when it comes at a very high cost? Playwright David Tulloch has once again taken on a family drama in his latest production ‘For My Daughter’ now playing at New Kingston’s Pantry Playhouse and this one is rife with juicy secrets, skeletons and superb acting all around. Continue reading…

When junk food was almost good for us

Sometimes I look at my child but more so at my young god children, I feel sorry for them. Not because the world has become so dark and dangerous place; not because the price of saltfish can no long shingle a rooftop; not because the chances of us achieving Vision 2030 are slim to none. No, it’s because they wont get to experience the wonders and the delight of the yummy treats, sweets  and foods I enjoyed as a kid. Continue reading…

(New Play)For My Daughter

Don’t miss the exciting new play by David Tulloch ‘For My Daughter’ starring critically acclaimed actress Leonie Forbes along with Rosie Murray, Terri Salmon, Rushae Watson, Akeem Mignott and David Tulloch.

For My Daughter opens May 9th, 2014 at the Pantry Playhouse on Dumphries Road in New Kingston and surrounding a single mother caught in a web of lies and deceit and the price one is willing to pay for the greatest gift of all, love.