Signs your partner is immature

Because we are human, we all act a little childish sometimes, especially when things do not go the way we want. We are entitled to the occasional pout, eye roll and about 5 minutes of whining but then ‘adulting’ should kick back in and we get back to this business called life. However, not everyone who is an adult generally acts like one and therefore some people’s actions leaves us scratching our head and lamenting “what went wrong here”? Signs of chronic immaturity can be a turn off for most and even small signs can be an eye opening to the possibility of behaviour that you typical see on an episode of Dr. Phil.

When sex caa save a relationship

Red flags, rumours and things that don’t add up are just a few ways we can tell that our relationships may be in trouble. Some of us like to ignore the obvious and continue to play Suzie Homemaker and make believe that all its well on the home front as we are more interested in the fairy tale of a relationship than the reality of a real one. If we don’t fix small issues they won’t stay small for very long.

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