Signs you’re just an ATM

In the 80s you would be called a ‘buups’ ; by the 90s you were ungraded to a ‘brinks’ and the millennium definition for your relationship is simply an ‘ATM’. We would all like to think that our significant others love us unconditionally and will be with us through thick and thin and stick with us like peanut butter and jelly. We pray for the best but sometimes realise the worst when we stop being gullible and admit that our relationship maybe one sided. If you are in doubt as to whether you are paying for your partner’s affection, pay close attention to the following tips to determine if your mate is trying to ‘bruk outta brukness’ with you as their clueless cash cow.

7 signs you are the ugly friend in the group

You have all been friends since high school and you thought they were your ‘ride or die’ pals but lately you been browsing on Instagram and they seem to be partying as usual but you obviously did not get the memo as to when and where. What could possibly be wrong since you did not have any fights or falling outs recently but you definitely feel slighted by their recent exclusion of you.

Signs your partner is immature

Because we are human, we all act a little childish sometimes, especially when things do not go the way we want. We are entitled to the occasional pout, eye roll and about 5 minutes of whining but then ‘adulting’ should kick back in and we get back to this business called life. However, not everyone who is an adult generally acts like one and therefore some people’s actions leaves us scratching our head and lamenting “what went wrong here”? Signs of chronic immaturity can be a turn off for most and even small signs can be an eye opening to the possibility of behaviour that you typical see on an episode of Dr. Phil.

Wonders & Signs!!!

Recently someone came up with the clever phrase ‘Jamaica is not a real place’ and at first it made me raise my eyebrow but then upon reflection I get the message it is sending: things in Jamaica are sometimes way stranger than fiction. Case in point – the new 17 million dollar sign out by Montego Bay round-a-bout. Now in all things common sense, why does a sign cost that much money?! What in the beans and burritos happened in that calculation to run it up to that amount? Is there gold dust mixed into the cement?! Enquiring minds definitely want to know.