Why people get spiritual after a disaster

Some time ago several earthquakes rocked jamdown and everybody pretty much lost their minds. For more than a week the opening sentences whenever friends met up was “you did feel the earthquake?” It was a hot topic and an event that sparks some change, albeit most of it temporary a Jamaicans young and old found themselves in church and switching from soca CDs to gospel with George Nooks’ ‘God is Standing By’ on repeat in their vehicles.

Indian Psychics in Jamaica – a treat or a threat?

Many Jamaicans are very proud our distinction for having the most churches per square mile as we embrace our spirituality and all that it entails but alas in recent years there has been another aspect of our spirituality that have some seeking answer from a ‘higher power’. Over the last five years our island has been overrun by a plethora of Indian psychics and astrologers who claim that they can resolve any problems from marriage, immigration, delinquent teens, health, fertility and even the age old issue of bad mind.