Real life versus school life

  • Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Sometimes I swear that I must be a circus performer as I am constantly juggling being a wife, doing housework, writing and earning a living and my newest adventure, being a student. At present I would say being wife and student are top priorities and unfortunately nether pays the bills.

Since started school in August of 2014 I have done a complete 360 in terms of priorities it seems as everything revolved around classes, presentations, research papers and exams. Every day when people ask me to do certain stuff I say ‘when exams done’ and I have nearly forgotten about parties and such delightful things as I am stuck in a classroom on a Friday night of all evenings which sucks so bad I don’t even curse about it anymore. I just grit my teeth real hard.

Yes at my age I am back in the classroom and will probably be stuck there in purgatory until 2018 but not if I have any say in the matter and I do. I realise that if I have adequate money …and time..and brain capability, I can accelerate my studies and finish in 2 and half or three years tops and that is what I intend to do as seminary school even offers summer coursese during the months when others are living carefree or travelling overseas.

study! study! study!

Yep, I would really love to be finished early but the clincher is this: it takes cash to care and right now cash is at a premium and since school start I have not had the time to work as much as I should, so my income stream has almost dried up. Thank God I have a husband who has finished school and is now gainfully employed else me corner woulda pass dark. Even so, he hasn’t won the lottery so I don’t have money to burn, just enough to pay the bills hence school fees are a constant pain in my ass.

As much I try to be ‘Miss Academia’ who is too busy with research papers to pay what is going on around me mind; as much as when some people call to offer me work who want the world but oftentimes seem to forget when to pay you; as much as I would love to tell some to shove their projects and jobs where the sun don’t shine, I bite my tongue and still juggle as Rome was not built in a day and neither will my empire. I still have to bite my tongue and be mindful of unfair clients who annoy the hell outta you as they drive away in their million dollar SUVs but think it hard to pay you the pittance for your services rendered months ago.

Oh how I long for the day when I can just do me, free of any dealing with them. When I can just have my head in the clouds or the books for as long as I want. Yup I long for that day and hopefully it will come soon and very soon.