If Barrack Obama had spent a month in Jamaica….

  • Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

For two days our world was turnt on its axis, life was disrupted and traffic changes in the heart of the city were a nightmare to navigate. Yep the ‘big man’ had touched down on the soil and everybody was buzzing about it, even those who said they weren’t ‘frightened’ fi no US president. In the end even they had to grudgingly admit that they thought it was a big deal to have Barrack in Jamrock.

Indeed we did some serious housekeeping with the fixing of some roads, painting of walls and spit-shining for an overall curb appeal. Unfortunately we tore down the vendors’ stalls which was an overkill I believe but generally most felt it was a positive experience even if they didn’t get to take a selfie with ‘potus’

After all the hoopla, I decide to note what I thought would be some changes that would have occurred if his visit had been a lengthy one. Read and have fun. I am merely poking fun at it all so don’t be offended by the scenarios I have crafted.

So if Obama had decided to stay here for a whole month… well…

>We would all talk to each other with a yankie accent!

>All potholes would be gone

> Crab season would be suspended

>All the mad people would find permanent residence in Bellevue

yea man me respect him!

>Bob Marley would become our 8th national hero

>Obama would either be bestowed with a Musgrave medal or a national award

>Chronixxx would retreat to the ‘bobo camp’ by 9 miles

>Michelle Obama would have several ‘yardie’ mateys

>He would wear a rasta tam and carry a chillum pipe in his back pocket

>Basketball and not track & field would be the most popular sport

a de good callie weed too!

>Palais Royale would be more popular than the hip strip

>We would run out of Jerk chicken and Red Stripe beer

>All the secret service men would have new baby madas

>Everybody going to the US embassy for a visa would claim to be a relative of his

>We would greet each other saying ‘waaa gwan bredren?’

>Lisa Hanna would book a suite at the Pegasus!

player player!