Local Superstitions

  • Sunday, September 16th, 2018

Superstitions. Not the kind that Stevie Wonder sang about but the home grown variety that leave normal sensible individuals doing seemingly crazy acts all in the name of customs that usually have no logical bearing or reason except that it was what their grannies or old folk used to advise them from dem a pickney.

We all know plenty and if honest still practice some as after time, they become second nature. What are your favourite ones?

  • If you point on a grave you haffi bite all ten fingers and ‘spin u roll’
  • Two pregnant woman nuffi walk, else the second one fi have baby ago have a terrible labour and delivery
  • If you open umbrella inna house, u nah go get married
  • If a person of the opposite sex jump over you , you will stop growing (‘done grow’)
  • If a pregnant woman look dung into a bottle, har baby ago born wid one ‘squinty’ eye
  • If a woman has sex wid a man other than the father of her baby, the baby will take forever to walk
  • If a woman cuts her son’ hair before he is one or starts walking he will have delayed speech
  • If you throw something out at night throw a window you must sey ‘excuse me’ or duppy will box you
  • If you husband dead, the widow fi wear red panty so his duppy nuh come ‘sex’ har
  • If a parent dies leaving an infant, he must be passed over the coffin so that the deceased recognises him and won’t come back to ‘trouble him’
  • Drive nails into the foot bottom of a deceased person so that they dont come back walking round
  • If you wash your face wid rice water you will see duppy
  • If you are pregnant and feeling for a particular food, don’t get it and scratch your skin, the baby will be born with that birth mark
  • Coolie duppy do the most vicious haunting
  • If you put your bag on the floor, you will stay poor
  • If a woman mixes her menses with a man’s food, she will ‘tie’ him to her for life
  • If you see a black bat at night, it is your dead granny ‘visiting’ with you
  • If you open a bible over the head of a baby, he/she will be protected
  • If you coming late at night, enter your home backways so that duppy nuh follow you in
  • If you walking home and you feel duppy a follow you, pick up a stone and continue walking. Then pretend like you throwing the stone but don’t. The duppy will spend the rest of the night looking for it