Mango Mania

  • Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

I like food but I’m not greedy. What most people devour usually don’t appeal to me except of course for things that are sweet. I have already discussed my sugar addiction in a previous article but did I ever tell you guys about my mango affliction?

I am a mango-maniac (I coined that so don’t steal it). Yep I will eat mango 24/7 with no apology as I can never get enough of a good thing and mangoes are oh so good to me. Yea I know they are fattening but I would much rather have a little fat from a mango than a greasy sandwich or some fried up food.

Now like love, I’m an equal opportunity mango eater. I don’t discriminate. Bring them come and I will wax them off one by one by one, and if them nice and sweet all the skin I will con-sume hence my granny used to call me ‘goat’. Didn’t mind one bit.

Now most Jamaicans are in love with the East Indian mango. It is long, nice and firm and goes down smooth but for me the best mango is a firm Julie. I will eat Julie morning, noon and middle night and chew the skin, swallow it and lick the juice off my hands.

East Indian mangoes would rank second but nipping at its heels is blackie. Oh my god a nice handfull a black mango is heaven on earth as when blackie sweet you caa just eat one ennuh. You need at least half dozen or you feel like you haven’t accomplished much.


so delicious
Most people don’t like hairy mangoes. As the name suggests it is kinda hairy and the stringy nature of it can leave lots of it between your teeth but that nah stop me from enjoying it as long as it firm. Cannot take soft mangoes at all, after is not baby food me eating!
Then you have beefy, number eleven, Tommy Hayden (or big nuh sweet) and sweety come brush me. Whatever it name just bring it come. Most people like their fruits room temperature but I will eat them straight from the fridge, especially a Julie. A cold Julie mango come een like a slice of cheesecake. It just melts on your tongue and gives you a warm feeling all over.

Mangoes make me happy. It don’t take much to make me happy so when I’m eating mangoes I’m like a pig wallowing in mud, just having a grand old time. The thing is though I have to eat it at home. I dunno how people eat mangoes on the road as the strong scent as well as the mess of cleaning up afterwards is too much for me. Plus when I eat mango I wanna just relax and kick back and suck the seed and clean it ‘til it almost white. That is my mission and pur-pose in life at that time.

Thank God I live in a country where you can find some type of mango all year ago. I person-ally dunno how people go Barbican or around Flat Bridge and go buy mango when so many people have mango trees. If is one thing about Kingston, at least every other yard has a mango tree and some people believe it or not, don’t eat mango! Can you imagine that! My mother’s neighbour don’t, so she gave us the green light to feast and nuh ask if we nuh dweet with gusto!

When I go to New York and see the flucky things they try pass off as mango I really wonder if people pay good mango for that. I certainly wouldn’t. I know they say they have no choice because they are not back home but me nah dweet. Nope, I wouldn’t buy me caa tell nobody how to live dem life and how fi enjoy dem mango. Lickle more yah, me just get a Julie so me caa tarry wid unnu much longer!