When sex shouldn’t be considered

  • Sunday, May 25th, 2014

While joking around one day, my crazy friends and I came up with these scenarios in which you should definitely not think about intercourse in they ever happen. See if any sound familiar or if you relate.
When doing it in someone’s else’ bed! Like seriously that’s so trifling. Do you expect the person to just come home and curl up and go sleep on those sheets?!

When you’re on your period. Though some people may say “ewwwwwwwwwww” quickly, you would be surprised how many ‘break the stop light’. This is a more common occurrence than you think but the myth about this being how ‘dundus’ or Albino babies come about is so so wrong! DWL

When you’re drunk. Sex and drinking aren’t good bed fellows as you make very poor deci-sion when you are intoxicated. Plus some men have trouble getting it up when they have too much alcohol in their system and others simply cannot cum when they are plastered. What-ever the issue, alcohol won’t solve it and sex will probably exacerbate it!

When you’re sick. Don’t be spreading your germs to other people! Ewwwwwwwwwww!

When you don’t know your partner’s last name. Do you really need this explained? Chances are this is bad idea as the person can be nothing but future crosses and ten miles a bad, bad road. You don’t know anything about them and what you don’t know can come back to haunt you.

When your partner has unexplained rashes/pimples. Come on man! Rashes are a serious red flag as to possible diseases and /or infection. If they take off their clothes and you see that, just run!

When you’re tired. Again forget about it when this happens. There is no reason why you should be forcing your body to do something it is telling you it don’t want to. Have a nap and waking in the early morning when it’s nice and cool, as morning sex is always good.

When your partner smells funky! Next! Tell your potential partner to go hol’ a fresh! In this day and age nobody should be rubbing up on you that smell like ‘mammy lucie seaside’. Odour is never attractive and can be a real turn off for most. Even if they don’t say some-thing, you can usually tell when someone is no longer interested and I sure as hell wouldn’t be if a rancid man tried to be all on me like white on rice.

When the man belongs to your best friend! Saviour divine! That is taking ‘borrowing’ per-sonal property to a whole other level. It is one thing to take some lipstick or a blouse, but to ‘take’ her man is a storm brewing that can be deadly. If at the end of the night the person looking across from you at the party is someone that has a spouse you are friends with, don’t even consider it. It ain’t worth the headache and the drama that will follow.