Why men fall asleep after sex

  • Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Listen people, I’m not a sex therapist, I’m just a writer so it amazes me the questions people throw at me, like this one about why do men fall asleep right after having coitus with their significant others. I started giggling until the young lady in question gave me a look to let me know she was serious so she expected a real answer so I swallowed my laughter and tried to act like I had some sense for once!

Here are the answers supplied to me by both men and women. Note all the funny ones are from the females and the ones that try to appear intellectual/scientific came from…you guessed it, the guys.

Cuz they tired (duh!).Yep they’re plum worn out. Poor things. It’s a hard job but someone had to do it right?

Because like captain America they feel their work is done there. So they give themselves a pat on the back for a mission accomplished and think they should reward themselves with some shut eye. Well knock yourself out.

They trust you (not to kill them in their sleep). If they only knew what was going through our minds sometimes (especially when they are the only happy party in the bedroom) they would sleep with one eye open!

After all that ‘work’, they just wanna sleep. They just wanna roll over and dream about sports, rum, hamburgers and playboy bunnies.


...and he's hogging all the covers!!
The activity has drained them of all their energy. They have used up all their blood supply and it now needs replenishing.

Cuz it just THAT good! You feel me! Yea we know WE good, but damn, can we get a little conversation and cuddle time too? Sheesh

All the ‘muscles’ in their body is now relaxed. Especially that main muscle that’s been causing all that problem.

They simply don’t want to talk. They have expended all their ‘game’ pre-coitus so now they feel they have earned the right to be silent. (sigh)

After the challenge of getting to the ‘promised land’, they are bored. They talked and talked and talked the woman’s clothes off and now they are bored and tired of all the talking. Simple.

It wasn’t any good and they wanna sleep as soon as possible to forget it! Not all that glistened was gold, gold filled or gold lined and due to their overwhelming disappointment they have taken to their bed to sleep away their sorrow