Things I don’t like to do

  • Friday, June 20th, 2014

At heart I think I’m a lazy person as I love to sleep in, love my bed and think clothes is only a necessity because they would probably lock me up if I attempted to walk around naked.

Having said that I am also a hard worker as I like having my own money and since I wasn’t born with on the monied last names, I have to be able to afford my bills as well buy my ice cream from ‘fudgie’ on a Sunday.

Now while work is a must, there are other things that I definitely would forgo if I could all the time. Unfortunately God has a sense of humour and loves to see me squirm, sweat and scream on occasion. Here’s a list of things I would rather not be bothered with.

Wash white clothes. I don’t think I own 2 pieces of white clothes. I don’t have the time nor the inclination to pay attention to keeping them clean. More trouble than it is worth. Beside, white adds ten pounds to your frame!

Get up early. Nope I love my bed and I love to sleep. I’m a night owl by nature so I work late and sleep even later.

Ironing. I hate doing this. It is taxing on my legs to no end. Can’t they make a machine to do this…oh wait they did didn’t they? Well I definitely need to get one!

Cook. When my daughter finished high school I was finally able to get outta the kitchen. Yep I did my job as a mom ‘til she was 18…and then I quit. I didn’t like the heat so I literally got out of the kitchen, fast.

Watch Cricket. I would almost prefer to have a root canal. I don’t understand the game and at this age I don’t really care to.

Kill bugs of any kind. If they stay on the outside, then we all good.

Attend anything named lecture, symposium or forum. As a journalist I have sat through countless of these mind zapping, boring events and I have had enough. Plus I have serious ADD so I can’t sit still for all that long winded, pointless talking.

Entertain people who show up at my home uninvited. So now I have to feed you and make small talk? Fi what reason?

Loan people money. Yep, been burnt too many time here. They call you continuously when they need something but when its repayment time, you get voicemail. Like seriously?!!

Arguing with people over why I don’t like pepper! Life hot enough as it is, why my mouth must bun me too?!

Standing around in heels. I have been wearing heels since I was 13, I’m so over it now. If you can’t love me in sandals, then tough titty!

Engaging in long and unnecessary phone calls. Caa tek de bag a long talking, wuss when me busy trying to make money. If you need me, text me. It works everytime!